BioPOLIM - Nanoscale infrared spectroscopic imaging (NanIR)

projects & grants

Postdoctoral Scholarship by the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (12/19-05/20): POLIRIM Fortführung von grundlegenden Untersuchungen mit polarisationsaufgelöster IR-Spektroskopie und photo-induzierter Rasterkraftmikroskopie (PiFM) für biomedizinische Anwendung (Continued fundamental investigation using polarization resolved IR spectroscopy and photo-induced force microscopy for biomedical application) in the Nanoimaging (Nanobiophotonics) Group of Rainer Heintzmann, granted in the context of Thuringia's program for support of female junior researchers and junior artists.

  • Photo-induced Force Microscopy (PiFM)
  • Optical Photo-thermal Infrared Spectroscopy (O-PTIR)
areas of research
Distribution of drug in tissue

Application of NanIR for biomedical investigation

  • D. Täuber, S. Unger, P. Then, R. Heintzmann, T. Ach, Ex-vivo application of IR-spectroscopic force microscopy to granules of the human retinal pigment epithelium. Women in Photonics 2020, October 2020. abstract
  • A.T. Press, M. Babic, K-J. Benecke, et al.
  • U. Neugebauer, R. Schneider, A. Strecker, et al.
  • B. Araoz
  • T. Ach, M. Soltaninezhad, S. Unger, P. Then, R. Heintzmann

NanIR method evaluation and development using nanomaterials

  • N. Krishnakumar, A. Strecker, M. Luo, R. Lachmann, R. Heintzmann, P. Biehl, F.H. Schacher, U. Neugebauer, D. Täuber, Insights from application of photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) for investigation of multicore magnetic nanoparticles (MCNPs). 2020 NanoScientific Forum Europe, September 2020. Poster Presentation
  • U. Neugebauer, F.H. Schacher, P. Biehl, N. Krishnakumar, A. Strecker
  • R. Lachmann, M. Luo, R. Heintzmann
  • M. Presselt, M. Hupfer, S.J. Finkelmeyer, R. Schneider
  • R. Schneider, C. Krafft, T. Mayerhöfer, R. Heintzmann

Application of NanIR to (bio)polymers

  • X. Luo, J. Wu, W. Cai, D. Täuber, I. Malovicho, B. Sava, L. Ma, G. Cen, X. Lu, C. Zhao, I.G. Scheblykin, J. Yu, W. Mai, F. Liu, E. Wang, L. Hou: Intrinsic Highly Polarization-Sensitive All-Polymer Organic Photodetector, submitted.
  • B. Aráoz, N.J. Lorez, D. Täuber, A.R. Boccaccini, G.A. Abraham, P.C. Caracciolo, E.B. Hermida, Study on the morphology and mechanical properties of filaments composed of poly(ester urethane)/poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/bioglass for 3D-printing applications in tissue engineering. XIX Brazil MRS Meeting, September 2021. Poster Presentation
  • B. Aráoz et al.
  • W. Cai et al.

Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Bonn Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Bonn, Germany
Nanophysiology group Nanophysiology, Jena University Hospital, Germany
Center for Sepsis Control and Care Center for Sepsis Control & Care, Jena University Hospital, Germany
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