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DFG project funding Ta 1049/2-1 Live Cell 2D polarization imaging (Live2DPOLIM) – an imaging technique for observation of nanoscale protein aggregation and molecular (re-)arrangements in live cells (June 2020 - May 2023) in the Microscopy Department of Rainer Heintzmann at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena & Nanoimaging (Nanobiophotonics) Group at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena.

Postdoctoral Scholarship by the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (12/19-05/20): POLIRIM Fortführung von grundlegenden Untersuchungen mit polarisationsaufgelöster IR-Spektroskopie und photo-induzierter Rasterkraftmikroskopie (PiFM) für biomedizinische Anwendung (Continued fundamental investigation using polarization resolved IR spectroscopy and photo-induced force microscopy for biomedical application) in the Nanoimaging (Nanobiophotonics) Group of Rainer Heintzmann, granted in the context of Thuringia's program for support of female junior researchers and junior artists.

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Laserlab-Europe access grant LLC002451 in 2018 Investigation of apical f-actin aggregation in healthy and cholestatic liver tissue using 2D polarisation imaging to Lund Laser Center SMS group of Ivan Scheblykin together with Adrian Press, head of the Nanophysiology Group, Friedrich-Schiller-University Hospital Jena. Receiving funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 654148 Laserlab-Europe.

Laserlab-Europe host institution in 2016 for LLC002269 Characterization of photoluminescence spectra and local polarization properties of YMnO3 thin films on substrates with and without metallic bottom electrode and spectral investigation of luminescence from resistively switched YMnO3 collaborating with Heidemarie Schmidt Nanospintronics, TU Chemnitz in the Single molecule spectroscopy group at Lunds Universitet, Sweden. Receiving funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 654148 Laserlab-Europe

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DFG personal research grant Ta 1049/1-1 2D polarisation resolved optical spectroscopy on macromolecules (conjugated polymers and proteins) in different environments for investigation of conformation, aggregation and energy transfer with the intention to improve organic solar cells (October 2014 - March 2016) in the Single molecule spectroscopy group of Ivan Scheblykin at Lunds Universitet, Sweden.

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Joint DAAD/MinCyT project PK2D/08/11702 Controlling Dynamic Properties of Ultra-thin Polymer Films via Photoactive Molecules (2009/2010) with Christian von Borczyskowski, TU Chemnitz, and in cooperation with Pedro F. Aramendía and Beatriz Aráoz, Photochemistry Group, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

areas of research
Distribution of drug in tissue

BioImaging using Photo-induced Force Microscopy

  • A.T. Press, P. Babic, K-J. Benecke, et al.
  • U. Neugebauer, A. Ramoji, F.H. Schacher, P. Biehl, A-D. Müller, R. Schneider, N. Krishnakumar, S. Strecker
  • T. Ach, R. Heintzmann, P. Then, S. Unger et al.
protein aggregation

BioImaging: Protein aggregation ex vivo visualized using 2D polarization imaging

  • P. Martinac, A.T. Press, A. Medyukhina, K.-J. Benecke, J. Shi, D. Täuber, S. Hoeppener, Z. Cseresnyes, I.G. Scheblykin, M.H. Gräler, I. Rubio, M.-T. Figge, U.S. Schubert. M. Bauer, in 9th International Congress "Sepsis and Multiorgan Dysfunction", Infection, 47, S6-S7, 2019. Conference Proceedings
  • D. Täuber, A.T. Press, P. Martinac, K.-J. Benecke, M. Bauer, J. Shi, R. Camacho, I.G. Scheblykin, Laserlab Europe User Meeting, November 2018. book of abstracts
  • R. Camacho, D. Täuber, C. Hansen, J. Shi, L. Bousset, R. Melki, J.-Y. Li, I.G. Scheblykin, Communications Biology, 1, 157, 2018. article
polymer films

2D polarization imaging of organic solar cell materials

  • W. Cai, D. Täuber, et al: Anisotropic Polymer Heterojunction from Bottom-Up Self-assembly and Its Highly Polarized Photodetection, submitted.
  • R. Camacho, D. Täuber, I.G. Scheblykin, REVIEW: Fluorescence anisotropy reloaded – emerging polarization microscopy methods for assessing chromophores’ organization and excitation energy transfer in single molecules, particles, thin films and beyond. Advanced Materials, 31, 1805671, 2019. abstract
  • D. Täuber, W. Cai, O. Inganäs, I.G. Scheblykin, ACS Omega, 2(1), 32-40, 2017. ACS Live Slide Presentation, article
  • D. Täuber, Y. Tian, Y. Xia, O. Inganäs, I.G. Scheblykin, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121(40), 21848-21856, 2017. abstract
  • D. Täuber, W. Cai, Y. Xia, O Inganäs, I.G. Scheblykin, in: „Self-Assembly in the world of polymers, 80th Prague Meeting on Macromolecules,“ eds: P. Stepanek, J. Kotek, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, ISBN 978-80-85009-85-9, p. 85, 2016.
perovskite nano-objects

Photoluminescence polarization properties of (organo-)metal halide perovskite

  • M. Goldmann, J. Shi, J. Chen , M.E. Messing, K. Zheng, T. Pullerits, I.G. Scheblykin, D. Täuber, in preparation.
  • D. Täuber, A. Dobrovolsky, R. Camacho, I.G. Scheblykin, Nano Letters, 16(8), 5087–5094, 2016. abstract

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy at reflecting substrates

  • D. Täuber, K. Radscheit, C. von Borczyskowski, M. Schulz, and V. Al. Osipov, Phys. Rev. E, 94(1), 012804, 2016. abstract arXiv

Ultrathin liquid films on solid substrates

  • D. Täuber, and C. von Borczyskowski, Chapter 7 in: Self-Assembled Organic-Inorganic Nanostructures: Dynamics and Optics, Pan Stanford Publishers, Singapore, 2016.
  • T. Albers, M. Bauer, C. von Borczyskowski, F. Gerlach, M. Heidernätsch, J. Kärger, D. Kondrashova, G. Radons, S. Schubert, A. Shakhov, D. Täuber, R, Valiullin, and P. Zeigermann, Diffusion Fundamentals, 23(3), 1-25, 2015. pdf
  • D. Täuber, I. Trenkmann, and C. von Borczyskowski, Langmuir, 29(11), 3583–3593, 2013. abstract arXiv

Thin liquid crystal films

  • D. Täuber, K. Radscheit, C. von Borczyskowski, M. Schulz, and V. Al. Osipov, Phys. Rev. E, 94(1), 012804, 2016. abstract arXiv
  • D. Täuber, and C. von Borczyskowski, REVIEW: Single Molecule Studies on Dynamics in Liquid Crystals. Int. J. Mol. Sci., 14, 19506-19525, 2013. abstract & article
  • B. Schulz, D. Täuber, J. Schuster, T. Baumgärtel, and C. von Borczyskowski, Soft Matter, 7(16), 7431 - 7440, 2011. abstract open access by TU Chemnitz/DFG
  • B. Schulz, D. Täuber, F. Friedriszik, H. Graaf, J. Schuster and C. von Borczyskowski Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 12(37), 11555-11564, 2010. abstract
energy potential for fluctuations

Thin polymer films

  • B. Aráoz, A. Carattino, D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski and P.F. Aramendía, J. Phys. Chem. A, 118(45), 10309–10317, 2014. abstract
  • B. Aráoz, D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski and P.F. Aramendía, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116(13), 7573-7580, 2012. abstract
  • S. Krause, P.F. Aramendía, D. Täuber and C. von Borczyskowski, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13(5), p.1754-1761, 2011. abstract open access by TU Chemnitz/DFG
Qdot-dye assemblies in TEHOS

Quantum dot-dye nanoassemblies

  • F. Gerlach, D. Täuber, and C. von Borczyskowski, Chem. Pys. Lett., 572, 90-95, 2013. abstract

University Hospital Bonn Ophthalmology, University Hospial Bonn, Bonn, Germany
Nanophysiology group Nanophysiology, Jena University Hospital, Germany
Center for Sepsis Control and Care Center for Sepsis Control & Care, Jena University Hospital, Germany
Lund SMS group Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Lund University, Sweden
linkoping biorgel group Biomolecular and Organic Electronics, Linköping University, Sweden
BMC - Neural Plasticity and Repair Neural Plasticity and Repair, BMC, Lund University, Sweden
tu chemnitz osmp research group Optical Spectroscopy and Molecular Physics, TU Chemnitz, Germany
DFG research group DFG-FOR 877 From Local Constraints to Macroscopic Transport
eCOST MP1302 Nanospectroscopy e-COST Action MP1302 Nanospectroscopy
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